Just Breathe.

I am absolutely fed up. I’m sick of being hurt and sad. And the ups and downs. Getting hurt by the people you love the most. I am done. Absolutely done with it all. Hopefully I will never have to be or have feelings ever again.


It’s gonna be done and over with today.

Fuck this. Fuck everything. There’s nothing to live for anymore.


i do not chase people

i do not chase men, and i do not chase friends

hell, i don’t even chase family

i’m here, and i’m important

i’m not running after people to prove that i matter

Definitely feel like this sometimes


Hey everyone. I just made a slight change to my blog. I’m no longer 99.9% Ed. I’m moving it down to like 90% Ed and 10% other artists I can’t live without. I hope you will still enjoy my blog because I definitely enjoy all of you!

First Day of School

This morning I woke up and did the usual thing I do before I go to school. I was nervous the whole ride there, and when I finally got there everything felt different….weird. I walked to my locker and saw Rachel and just Rachel. Our group of friends is no longer a group of friends anymore. People legit like hate me now. I kind of understand what people mean when they say you figure out who your true friends are as you get older. I am so lucky to have my best friend Rachel and my boyfriend Danny. I love them so much. 

1st Period  I had today was Chemistry… I know… I am a year behind. Fuck everyone who judges me for it. I never failed a class, so fuck off. Me and Rachel walked to my first class and the only two people I knew in the class were Joey Egan and Danny Igoe. Yeah… great. I mean I guess they aren’t that bad…. Anyway, it’s a class of all Sophomores and I feel so out of place. The teachers still talk to us like we’re 5 and we played a scavenger hunt game thingy today… like wtf?

2nd Period I had to go to English and I ran into Danny as I was walking to my classroom. I was so happy because I didn’t know if I was going to see him all day or not. He said hey and kissed me and we went on with our day. I was really happy thinking that I would get to see him from then on in that passing period, but I actually don’t get to. I showed up to my English class and Miss B said that I wasn’t in her class and that they messed up my schedule. I was pretty pissed off and instead of having English on the first floor.. I had it on the third floor. This means that I don’t get to see Danny. At least not until second semester. After that, I went to the deans office and had them reprint my schedule and was really late to my actual English class. Marc and Nolan and Quantrelle were in that class. This class is gonna be awkward.

3rd Period I went to my US History class. I have Mr. Grant again. There were a lot of sluts in that class. Oh and Marc was in that class with me too. This is going to be such a boring class. Too bad Grant doesn’t let us sleep /: EVER.

4th Period I went to the gym for my Student Leadership class. I saw Sarah and Coco and some other girls i knew in that class. Coach Carlson told us that not all of us are going to make it as student leaders and that he will have to recommend us and that only about 60 students make the cut. Great. Whatever. At least it’s an easy class.

5th Period I went to the choir room for Advanced Treble again. :/ There are a lot of new girls and that kind of makes me upset. I also stayed behind a year which also makes me upset. I guess it’s my own fault though for not auditioning for chorale. /.\ whatever. I know this group is going to be good though because the new girls take singing very seriously. cool.

6th Period I went to the cafeteria. I literally know no one in my lunch except Coco and all her friends and Sabrina and a couple guys. I saw Coco and sat at her table and I thought everything was good. I saw Sabrina and told her to sit with us and like while we were talking Coco and her whole stupid group of little followers followed her away to a different table. What a bitch honestly. She didn’t say a word to me. She didn’t want any drama this year? Well, look who just made some for themselves? I am going to make your year miserable « 3 Stupid fuck.

7th Period I went to my math class. Pre Calculus. So fun. My teacher is like old and has grey hair. She is really loud and not afraid to voice her opinion. She made it very clear that she expects a lot from us. We had little like groups and I had a guy and a girl in my group. The dude seems kinda weird and like socially awkward but well see.. The girl was actually really pretty and she does her makeup very well. I think I am going to ask her to like give me lessons on how to apply makeup.. no joke. Nicole Thon is also in my math class but I didn’t really say anything to her. We used to be somewhat close last year and whatever when she was my choir buddy but yeah idk… she didn’t really talk to me today. She also moved to GH so maybe that has something to do with it.??

8th Period. I did not know that Anna Bac was going to be in my Piano class. How the fuck did I get so many haters over the summer?? God. I really hate people who decide they hate me for no reason… that’s what Anna did.. and so did Rachel but I kinda gave them both reasons to hate me after that lol. But now me and Rachel are good and worked it out. Yeah but I saw Anna in my piano class today and it was so weird. She acted like nothing ever happened between us. WEIRD. Oh well. I’d rather not fight about stupid shit haha.

End of the Day. The bell rang and I instantly messaged Danny. I told him to meet me where we used to meet last year. OMG can everyone believe it?!?!? A year ago today I met Daniel Thomas Peters and I am so happy I did. I love him so much. Anyways, he met me. I walked with him to get books for his classes because he barely registered today.. lol. Then I had my mom pick us up because we missed the bus and she dropped us back of at his house. His house was okay I guess. I mean it was fun and nice. Idk. We napped haha(: best nap ever. We slept for 4 hours. Crazy right? lol I felt like I blinked or something. Definitely did not feel like 4 hours… but I guess time flies when I’m with him. « 3 I went home around 9:30 and I did my math homework. I messaged Danny, Rachel, Sabrina, and Jalin for a bit and then they all went to sleep haha and now so am I. Good night Tumblr. Fuck school.


my worst fear is looking bad in a photo with a celebrity

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